Proving what I have said…

Well it has been a while since I have posted and that’s no for any good reason… Just have been spending time with family and not on the laptop, also been trying to get more sleep.. Months of 4 hours a night catches up to you fast…. However, I am about to prove my self right (if all goes as planned AND IT BETTER!! Haha)

Over the last few days (ok maybe week….ummm weeks) I have had pretty bad right knee some know this happened before but I was stubborn (noooo who me) and I didn’t really do much about it until G basically cut me off of cardio and legs….Well it’s been said “if we do not learn from history it’s bound to repeat its self”….. Ummm yeah so I ignored the pain (GASP!! Who me!!!) ….. Anyway over the last few days it’s been the worst of it and today it really hit me “YO your ass needs to see a doctor” Soooo tomorrow I will be getting in with a Doc ASAP or going to the Nearest Urgent Care…. I have finally broken down and told G (via text I am sure if he reads this I May??? be in for it ..ooops) but never the less I don’t have a great feeling…. So I am mentally preparing for the worst— hoping for the best!!!

BUT!!! I am also preparing to prove my constant saying… “Food is most important”. With my realization my knee is poo poo right now I am making a pledge to my self to maintain weight for as long as I have to possibly go with out the added gym…. Honest this scares me out of my mind!!!! But I have to put my plan into action and fight to keep this Rollin!!! Am I hoping this is no biggy…SURE AS HELL AM!!! But Incase it is not buckling down with food skills 101 starts 3/27…..

It’s all part of the process…..


5 thoughts on “Proving what I have said…

  1. Nikki

    After the birth of my daughter I lost 100lbs through dieting alone….food intake is very important. But I had zero muscle. Praying for your knee chica.

    • Beckah

      Thanks Nikki!!!

  2. Teresa Withrow

    If anyone can do it it would for sure be you. Maybe you could just work on doing circuit training for your upper body for while? Have fun and share any yummy recipes you or Clyde come up with.

  3. Beckah

    Thanks Teresa

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