The Natural Way

One might read that Title and think
… Hmm does she mean organic, whole foods, raw only…. No. Sorry I don’t mean food or the type of food I eat… What I am talking about is weight loss…. And how a person loses weight. Or shall I say the method one chooses to get healthy.

Yes it a mouth full sorry… But this has been something that’s been weighing (no pun intended) for a while…

I think when someone makes the decision to lose weight, they have an idea of what they are looking to achieve…. And they have a plan how to achieve it…

As everyone knows, I opted to have Gastric bypass as an assistant to help me lose weight and ultimately get healthy….It was not a decision that I made by flipping a coin. I thought long and hard about (years actually), saw many doctors, prayed about, thought about it some more, prayed more, weighed the pros and cons, prayed more talked to more doctors, discussed it with my husband, prayed more, saw more doctors…. Then made my decision…. Funny all the while of doing this I was attempting to lose weight.. And being told by doc you won’t see 35….. (At the time I was 28/29)

I guess you are asking what is bringing this up? Well I am very close to 10 years post surgery and I have pretty much heard all the feelings about my surgery…

Funny when folks say these things. It’s as if I had surgery for them in reality it was for me!!! I mean duh!

– oh you had that
– So you couldn’t stop eating to do it naturally
– oh wow really? u destroyed your body
– Well that’s interesting. So u can’t eat anything?
– Wow how do u live after that? — this normally gets a face palm!
– Oh WLS (weight loss surgery) hmmm
– Why didn’t u just do it … normal you know natural?    ohhhh this gets the blood hot
– Oh you must not have any will power
– Omg WLS that’s like for Super obese folks
– WLS wow! U must have been an out of control eater


*****This one takes my anger to a level no one wants to see!!!!!!!


So let’s look …. I have been on Weight Watchers, eaten only cabbage, only watermelon, low fat, no fat, carb free, Took pills, tried herbal supplements, took shakes, ate only points meals, was prescribed PhenPhen and Redux (yes this could have killed me!!) but none of that matter. All I wanted was help losing weight … Yes the quick fix… (And yes I know WW does not fall under quick fix) But none of that worked…. Does that mean it didn’t work for others??? No …..I am sure it worked for someone… Hell lots of someone’s!!!

And I am Happy for anyone that’s has tried anything and it’s made them healthier! No matter what that may be… Replacement shakes, weight watchers, running, biking, walking… Doing it the “natural” way…. I really don’t care how u did it or do it…. The fact is. You are doing what u can to GET HEALTHIER…

And that just what i did… I have lost over 200 pounds and well yes, people have lost that with diet and exercise alone.. My docs recommend surgery… And I took that recommendation!!! Why? Because I wanted to live and I wanted to have my son…. To me that’s reason enough…

Oh and if you think any of the above it a pity party for my self you are DEAD Wrong, I mean DEAD wrong… I blame no one, no circumstance, not even my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) yeah… Surprised??  yep I was diagnosed with that years ago.. I know I don’t mention it ever… Why? Because I take 100% ALL of the responsibility for my weight!!! Yes all 403 pounds of it… I never asked anyone to feel bad for me.. I made each and every choice and I am responsible for it… Not society, not my parents, not my work, not my family, not my friends.. ME ALL ME!!

And in doing that I also can take full responsibility for loosing it… Ohh but wait!! I hear the negative people the haters!!! crying out!! “She can’t take responsibility for all the loss. She had gastric bypass”  BITCHES PLEASE!!!!

Well sit down and buckle up people here’s the real deal!!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again! Gastric bypass WAS A TOOL!!!


That’s all it gave me the jump start I needed to get the weight off… After that it was MY RESPONSIBILITY to work to keep the weight off

And guess what!!!!! I FAILED! yes failed almost gained it all back!!

The time line goes like this!!

403# 2004/2005 highest recorded weight
343# 2006 day of surgery
215# 2008 lost 187 pounds BABY TIME
285# 2009 Feb my sons born
See if you look that very “unnatural weight loss” (insert sarcasm here) Up and down and up and Down but ultimately up!!

WAIT HOW DID THAT HAPPEN…. I had gastric bypass!! I took the easy way out I would only lose weight again… (Sorry more sarcasm)

261# 2012 I join a gym I am gonna fix what I had screwed up!!
241# 2013 shits gonna get real I have a trainer and this was my last chance to make it right!!!

You see I own it all!! It’s all mine it’s my fault going up and it’s My VICTORY coming down bypass or not I DID IT!! I worked my F’n ass off for 3 years sweat, pain and tears ME I DID IT!!

191# 2016 only working harder each day to accomplish more…

So hey, if anyone wants to say I didn’t do it naturally and I took the easy way out…. well that’s fine cause if they want to claim natural I am cool with that!! But claiming and defining natural is like defining NORMAL—- it’s a pretty open definition…. I guess I would rather be a little more unnatural and totally real than be natural…

I really don’t care at all how someone goes about getting healthy just don’t bash me for my choices just because u don’t fully understand them or even agree with them… I work just as hard at food prep, cardio and training as the “natural” people do… I work hard every day fighting obesity!! You see it still took 3 years to lose the weight again. That is 70 pounds lost in 3 years!!!  but ummm why did it take just as long as the “natural losers” why did I have to work just as hard!!!!..I mean I had Gastric bypass…..  Oh that is right the BYPASS surgery was not and IS NOT a quick fix!!  Funny it takes a Natural loser the same amount of time!!! Bypass was the easy way out right?????

I know there will always be naysayers, Haters, and people who just to not agree with my way but that is ok…  cause I do not do any of this for them.  I do this for me… for my family…. I encourage anyone who is trying to loose!!!  I do not care how they do it as long as they are happy!!  Unfortunately haters and naysayers going to be there no matter waht you do or how you do it!!!!

….  Cause yes that to …… is all part of the process.



One thought on “The Natural Way

  1. Rebecca Cueva

    As my daughter says ” mom, haters gonna hate” lol. So you got to do it the “unnatural” & “natural” way. Its sad people feel the need to shame or criticize other peoples choices. It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind. You tell em Shh be quiet!

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