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About four years ago,I joined the gym.. my expectations were to walk in, do my thing and walk out… nothing more… I had hated the thoughts of even going… it’s not that I wanted to be lazy and not go it, it was the anxiety that came with it.. Did I belong here?? Well, I really did not know if I did or not 4 years ago… ”

As time passed, I found seeing the same faces at the same time was pretty normal, so people say hello. Others, well they just don’t.. Once I became more comfortable and started going more regularly, I started talking to more people, especially after I started training with G.. I was meeting more people and then I joined the spin class and met so many people.. each week we all arrived the same time for the same reason… and well, that went for training too.. the same people trained before me and after me… 

Friendships and bonds started to be built.. and wondering if I belonged didn’t cross my mind as much… the years passed and one day I was talking about the gym and I said oh they are part of my gym Family! The person I was talking to looked at me as if I was honestly working out with my cousin… but no that’s not it at all.. these people are truly family! We worry about each other, we help each other.. we coach each other.. when one is not there we ask around or text to see if everything is ok.. when one is having a difficult time, we stay after in the parking lot to talk or we arrange time to go out.. yeah I guess you can say that’s any normal friendship… but until you have experienced a gym Family I just can’t say it’s the same.. yes I know we are friends and we have concerns for each other.. but there is just something extra, something just a bit different… I think maybe they just get it… no matter what it pertains to, they get it… 

I guess I have known for a while I have had my gym Family… one time, I was out of commission with an injury and was shopping at the grocery store and someone tapped me on the shoulder and said you have not been in the gym. Is everything ok?? I didn’t know his name but he knew me and was genuinely concerned and wished me well…. something family would do…

But the other day really made think about it …a gym Family member and I went out and they said to me “This gym is my home, this gym is my family and you are part of that family, I just don’t get why someone wouldn’t care about my home my family?” If I am honest it made me tear up.. this person genuinely was feeling everything I had felt before. And was honestly upset that it didn’t matter to someone they cared about.. I can’t tell you how many times I have had those same feelings. So often I can’t count them. 

No matter if some one cares or not….I will say I am amazingly proud on my gym Family and they are some of the most inspiring and motivated people on the planet!! Each day they get up with the same struggles, issues, troubles, and lack of time as everyone around them and every day they make decision to get in the gym and work hard to make themselves better.. and that’s the bond we have.. we all have common goals and we celebrate victory and console each other’s when needed… 

To some, the gym is a building with exercise and cardio equipment.. but to the people who walk though those doors on a regular basis it’s more. Its a home where our family’s show up each week to strengthen not only our bodies but our friendship… 

I love my gym Family. They mean the world to me… after all they are all part of this process!

One thought on “Gym Family

  1. Boy does this hit home for me. I suppose i’m still in that beginning phase of do I really belong here at the gym. Sure I look around and wonder are people looking at me, wondering what in the world am I doing here. Then someone catches your eye and smiles. At that moment you know everyone is there for the same reason. Just to improve themselves along their own journery.

    Your strength, and your ability to share so much is truly an inspirtion to me. Thank you for being so open about your ups and downs. Let’s me know I am not alone out here.


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