Well, as the title gives it all away……this will be the final post on my Blog.  This day has been coming for sometime. This is not a decision that I have made easily.  I have pondered over this for a year.  When I started this adventure 4 years ago I wanted it to be something that inspired others and made anyone who felt they struggled alone see they are truly not alone.  Life has had many twists and turns in this last four years.  Some good, some not. But, regardless of any of that I have truly enjoyed sharing my journey with you all.  Thank you all for supporting me in this adventure.  Thank you to all of those who have read and shared my journey with others.  Thank you to my amazing hubby who not only was my biggest support but never once complained while I sat endless hours at the computer typing away for so many years.  This has been a truly amazing experience.  But alas it is time to say goodbye….. XOXOXO


it is all part of the process………….


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