About Beckah

I am a Wife and Mom (my MOST important job EVER!!). I work full time, and I go to the gym 5-6 days week…..

I am a very candid and a pull no punches person… I will tell it like it is… My mouth can be like a truck driver at times….  I am as honest as they come and Won’t “SPIN” anything to make it look good or sound good…. This is me…….

Well my story is long….. But I’ll give u the short version….

I grew up the fat kid always battling weight but I never let it stop me… I did anything and everything I wanted….

Yes I was teased and tormented as a kid and teen.  It killed me but I never let them see me cry or be in pain.  I was the one who was gonna be strong and show them…. Don’t get me wrong I had a TON of friends!!!!  and many of them I am still friends with!!!  They were real, genuine and true…..  Others not so much…..But this only made me a better, stronger person…… With my family it was always u have a pretty face if u would only lose some weight..(as they smiled in my face and squeezed my cheek). Again I would just smile and never let them see the hurt….. Funny now they are starting to tell me “Don’t get to Skinny”………

Well all those years of never let them see u hurt were also all years of emotional eating….but I was still active so it was not “bad” (so I thought)  however, after high school when I became less active the weight started to pile on……. I always told my self “You got this” it’s a few pounds no worries u got this!!! Yeah well I was fooling my self I was out of control and spiraling to an early grave!!! The doctors all told me I was in trouble but what the hell did they know they were just using my weight as an easy excuse for everything….. Yeah I was bull shitting my self… And killing myself in the process… I had a friend tell me about gastric bypass in 1999 I told him he was crazy I did not need that I had another friend tell me about it in 2003 I told him screw that it’s crazy… Well at the end of 2003 I had a doc that was very blunt and said LOOK U ARE DYING What do u wanna do… And that’s when I started researching bypass…. of course I wanted to live I was only 30 and I was 403 pounds and seeing 35 was grim.. High blood pressure, pre-diabetic, bad knees… Bad back and well depression that I never got help for..

My surgery took me 2 years to fight insurance for but it was going to help me…. And help me it did!!! Day of surgery I was 343… 2 years after surgery I had lost 128 pounds then I got pregnant and gained a bit back but again I had this under control….. Yeah right so history repeats itself……………  My son was 3 and I joined the gym and by his 4th birthday I had only lost 20-25 pounds. I felt better but knew I needed more, so before his 4th birthday I made a promise to my self to make changes and this time ones that will never revert back!!!  That is When I met my trainer G…. And that is when it all started….

I want to share what I have been through,  what I have learned,  The AWESOME people who have supported me,  and the Future…. So I decided to start my Blog..(1/1/14)….   I am excited to Share it all with you Good and Bad!!!  My thoughts,  My Success’s,  My Failures…

I hope you enjoy reading and taking this crazy little journey with me…….





3 thoughts on “About Beckah

  1. melissa

    I LOVE YOU AND HOW BRAVE YOU ARE!!! Everytime i read you story the long or short version it makes me tear up.!:( I tell everyone about you and your life. Its not a story its real life! Bec i have told you many times how strong,amazing , and beautiful you are. You are fighting an amazing fight and KICKING ITS ASS!! I am so honored to have you in my life! Be as proud of yourself as the rest of us are of you…. Stay strong and keep kicking ass! Muwah love ya sexy mama!!

    • Beckah

      Melissa, thank you so much!!! It’s people like you that make sharing my journey so worth it!!! I do what I do to be here longer and now help others!!! The story continues…. I love you!!! Thank you

  2. Hi Beckah – just posting this here in case it didn’t come through on Instagram… *** Hi @phitnessprincess – My name is Josh Saunders – I write for the national newspapers in the USA and UK. I’m getting in touch after seeing your incredible transformation! I’m running a series of articles showing great weight loss and body transformation and after seeing your page wanted to get in touch. It would be great to hear from you either via email – joshuasaunders@catersnews.com or messaging me on IG.

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